Do not hate your fat cells. They are a necessary part of our diet. Without them, there would be no absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K. They are designed to make fat from sugar and fatty acids. Their specialty is storing energy in the form of fat.

At times they receive emergency signals and take lifesaving measures. They start hoarding their fat, keeping it in reserve for the crisis.

But, fat cells can receive a false message, the same message as would famine or starvation. They react as they were designed to react – instead of fat breaking down, it is actually conserved. There are certain fat depots in the body where fat tends to collect – the waistline in men and the hips and thighs in women.

However, the fat requirements of our body are very small. Too much fat in the blood contribute to hardening of the arteries and heart disease. If our diet is high in total or saturated fat we need to make some changes.

However, if we want to speed up the process of burning fat , then we may want to consider adding a couple of natural fat burning supplements to our diet.

Here are some that really do work:

GARCINIA CAMBOGIA – the latest sicentific research proved this substance to promote the healthy and balanced fat loss by blocking the enzymes in your liver that are responsible for forming fat cells. Garcinia also make carbs that were not turned into fat turn into energy and build muscle tissue. Only the natural 60% garcinia cambogia extracts are recommended to get the most benefits.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT – Green tea has been extensively studied in people and laboratory experiments. Clinical studies suggest that green tea (Camellia sinesis) extract in particular may boost metabolism and help burn fat. Researchers think that substances known as catechins help the body burn fat. Additionally, green tea helps to curb appetite. Studies also indicate that people who drink green tea tend to develop fewer cancers.

WHEY PROTEIN – Study done in 2008 showed people who consumed 125 grams of protein per day lost seven more pounds than those who followed a low carb protein diet. Many bodybuilders use whey protein to build muscle. Whey protein can be mixed with juice or skim milk.

QUINOA – some experts call quinoa an ideal food. This amazingly sturdy plant produces an abundance of seeds that serve as a nutritious food. Quinoa is low in sugar and rich in fiber and contains an ideal balance of the amino acids. It has 50 percent more protein than in wheat, barley, or rice. Currently quinoa can be found in the Biotrust Leptiburn supplement that is formulated by nutrition experts and used to promote weight loss through boosting the leptin hormone levels in your body.

FISH OIL – contains a group of vital nutrients so-called omega-3 fatty acids. It can be found particularly in fatty fish (salmon, herring, and mackerel), grass-fed beef, walnuts and flaxseeds. Men who eat large amounts of fatty fish, for example, are two to three times less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who don’t eat fish so often. The omega 3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of heart attack, promote weight loss and keep skin healthy. Experts advise people to eat fish at least once or twice a week.

Vitamin D – „sunshine vitamin“. Scientists believe that the sun’s shining on a person’s skin helps him to produce vitamin D. When we have adequate vitamin D levels, our body releases more leptin. It is the hormone that conveys a message to your brain – ” we’re full, stop eating”. When we have enough D in our bloodstream, fat cells slow their efforts to store fat. Natural food sources of vitamin D include sardines, milk, shiitake mushrooms, and eggs.

Fit or Fat? – By sensibly choosing what you eat, we can lose weight, improve how we feel, and help yourself avoid some diseases. Among many fat burning we want the natural kind because they are safer, more effective and have healthful benefits.

fat and fit male posing

To win the war we must be in the driver’s seat. Whether we reach our goal or not is up to us. Therefore, lose the fat, cherish the victory!

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